Leader Cantor Discusses Pro-Growth Policies At Bloomberg

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) met with members of the Business Roundtable and the presidents of public and private universities. Following the discussion, Leader Cantor spoke with Bloomberg TV.

On Making America The Best Place To Do Business: “There they go again, Washington Democrats insisting on raising taxes on job creators right now. That is not what we need. I think most people think it is counter intuitive to raise taxes if you want economic growth. We are in a global economy and it is a competitive world out there. There are all kinds of places for capital to flow. We want investment capital here, we want America to be the best place to do business and grow. You do not do that by raising taxes or chasing off investment capital that we need so desperately right now to get going again.”

On Creating An Environment For Growth And Innovation: “One thing that I heard loud and clear from the CEOs and from the public and private institutions of this country is that we need to look at the uncertainty that Washington is creating as far as the investment environment. R and D is meant for the production of basic science research. From that research comes the kind of ideas that we bring to the marketplace, and America does that better than anywhere else. The problem is Washington has gotten in the way. The government has become too harmful in terms of people wanting to take a risk to innovate. What I heard is institutions want to see a steady stream of research dollars come out of Washington. But the fiscal situation is such that it makes it even more difficult to demonstrate why those research dollars and that research activity is important. At the end of the day what we want to do is get the private sector going so that growth can occur again. You will see growth feed revenues into Washington and hopefully by that point Washington will have gotten its act straight, so that we stop spending money on things that are not important and prioritize areas of research that benefit everyone.”

On Working Together On Areas of Agreement: “There are some other issues like regulatory relief that the President talked about, such as the kinds of things that the EPA is doing that is making it very difficult for our manufacturers to stay in business and to grow. We have another opportunity to work together when it comes to access for capital for small businesses. They are having a tough time across the country getting financing. We have bipartisan bills coming out of our committees to the floor that will help entrepreneurs grow. We can work together on those kind of things. Yes, there are going to be differences, I don’t think anybody thinks that both sides are going to agree on everything. But it is time for us to start having a can-do attitude and return again to the idea of America is the land for opportunity, rather than taxing everyone, in order for Washington to benefit. That’s not the way we should be doing business.”

On Congress Rejecting The President’s All-Or-Nothing Approach: “I have said all along, the President's all-or-nothing approach is just a non-starter. The U.S. Senate demonstrated yesterday -- Harry Reid would not even bring up the President’s bill. So for the President to go down to Texas and demand that I as Majority Leader, should bring his bill to the floor, why doesn’t he look to his own side? Again, I think that should send a message to the White House that it is time for us to start to get serious. We can do some things together. We are looking to pass free trade agreements next week, I think we are going to get that done, finally. And it has taken years to get it done. We passed patent reform in the last several months, that is something that helps innovation in this country and should serve as a model for how we work together going forward.”

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