Leader Cantor Discusses The Payroll Tax Extension On CNN & FOX

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House Republicans Are Willing To Stay Here, Work And Give People Some Certainty. “I don't blame people for being frustrated. House Republicans are saying look, we are willing to stay here, to work and to give working people in the country some certainty as far as what their taxes will be like next year and to provide a one year guarantee that their taxes aren’t going to go up. The Senate passed a bill that was a 60-day bill. Frankly, word has come out now from some of the experts that it's an unworkable bill.” FOX, Special Report with Bret Baier

Senate’s Two Month Plan Will Provide More Uncertainty, Confusion, Hurt Workers. “The House is committed to continuing to work until Congress approves a yearlong guarantee to the working people of this country that they are not going to have a tax increase. The two month plan that was passed by the Senate has now been deemed unworkable by the National Payroll Reporting Consortium, who sent this letter up to Capitol Hill basically saying that the Senate plan will provide more uncertainty, confusion and hurt workers. I don't think anybody really thinks it is a good way to implement policy on a two month basis. Again, that's what we are saying. It is time for the Senate to come back to town and do what it is the President said we should be doing, which is provide that yearlong guarantee that taxes are not going to go up on working people.” CNN, The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer

Why The Senate Needs To Come Back To Town. “If the Senate doesn't come back into town, they will have a lot of answering to do to the taxpayers of this country. I think what you will see tonight is a rejection of the Senate position because we know it's unworkable. We've got a better way and we are asking the Senate to come sit down, let's talk, and get this straight so the American people and small businesses will know what their tax situation is next year and be guaranteed that taxes are not going to go up.” CNN, The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer

We Can’t Govern In Two Month Increments. “No one is saying my way or the highway. We are saying, we can do this. We really can. We shouldn't be going on vacation or taking holiday here until we get the work done for the people of this country. And I think there is pretty much agreement that one year can be done. We don't need to be governing in two month increments. People can't live their lives like that. Small businesses can't. Working people can't. Families have got to know what their tax liability is. Let's go ahead and remove the uncertainty. Let's provide what it is the working people of this country need. Enough is enough and I think we can get this done.” CNN, The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer 


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