Leader Cantor Promotes Small Business Job Growth & Religious Freedom On NBC's Meet The Press

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On The Republican Plan To Help Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses Create Jobs. “Too many people are still out of work. If you look at how jobs are created in this country, most of them come from small businesses. Over the last three years, we have seen a reduction in the amount and number of startup businesses by 23 percent. That's what Mitt Romney's economic plan gets at, it tries to say we’re going to create an environment for investors and entrepreneurs to start creating jobs and start businesses again. We have a lot of competition out there in the world and it is important for America to succeed. Not only for us here at home but all the issues that you’ve talked about on this show that we face abroad; America has a critical leadership role there and we have got to fix our ailing economy. That's what Mitt Romney's plan does.”  

A National Energy Policy Is Critical To Growing The Economy. “There is no question that Middle East instability has an effect on gas prices, but let's call it how it is. This President and his Administration are hostile to fossil fuels. The reality is we will be a nation dependent on the fossil fuels for the foreseeable future. We can look for opportunities for alternative sources, but at this point we have to and should rely on all the energy sources here at home…The President will claim that the production of energy is at an all-time high. But what we see is that the issuance of permits and the policy of allowing for the proceeding of deep ocean drilling is not matching his rhetoric. So it's very clear he's hostile to fossil fuels, he’s hostile to coal, he’s hostile to oil and he is hostile to gas. We need a definitive statement by this President that we will have a national energy policy, because it's critical to a growing economy.”

Upholding Religious Freedom Is At The Core Of Who We Are As A Country. “It is the Obama Administration and the President telling the Catholic Church what the Catholic faith means. Me and you, we are members of a minority faith. This country stands for religious freedom. So many people in the world come here for that reason alone, so you can practice your faith...It's very important that we uphold religious freedom, because it is at the core of who we are as a country.”

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