Leader Cantor Discusses Pro-Growth Policies To Boost Small Business On FOX News

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Leader Cantor: We Don’t Want Taxes To Go Up On Anybody. “We will try every way we can to make sure taxes do not go up on anybody, don’t go up on working families, and don’t go up on small businesses. We have to make sure we are doing everything we can, instead, to grow jobs and get the economy on track…No question, my sense is that if we win the election, if Mitt Romney becomes our next president, we will be able to stave off a tax increase. Right now, we have to put that certainty into play because small businesses are having too difficult of a time. Investors are worried about what will happen with the taxes.”

Our Budget Puts Forward Pro-Growth Tax Reform. “We in the House of Representatives have put forward a budget that actually lays out the kind of tax reform we want. We want to bring rates down and we want to make sure that they are lowered for everyone. And we broaden the base and get rid of loopholes. And we start allowing people, when they go and make their money, to know what to expect they can keep. The problem right now is it is too complicated. We want to have a growing economy. We are for pro growth tax reform.”

It Is Too Hard To Be A Small Business Person And We Have To Turn That Around. “The Senate has refused to take it up [the 20 percent small business tax cut] like so many other bills we passed in the House. But we are going to continue to help small businesses. That bill was designed to help small businessmen and women keep more of their money and put it back in their businesses and create more jobs. We will have a series of bills come forward over the next several months that speak to small businesses and the red tape that’s in the way. It is too hard to be a small business person right now and we have to turn that around.”

America Is A Country Where Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things. “America is about business. We are a country that is premised on the fact that ordinary people can go into business and do extraordinary things. To denigrate success in business, to denigrate the launching of a new business, or the turnaround of existing businesses, I think just absolutely reflects a disconnect with what America is about…I think it actually reflects the very clear line that is being drawn for this election. It is about what kind of country we want to be in America, and, whether we want to be the country of small businesses; whether we want to be a country of opportunity where people can come here and chase their dreams in a way that they cannot do anywhere else and be successful, and turn that success into opportunity for other people.” 


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