Leader Cantor Discusses House Solutions For The Deficit, Sequester, And Taxes On CNBC

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The House Has Put Forward Solutions On The Deficit, Sequester, And Taxes. The President Has Been Unwilling To Meet Us Halfway. “We continue to want to provide solutions and resolve the differences here in Washington. All there's been over the last couple years is a one-way street. We're looking for some action by the President and the White House to come to the table with us on all the issues that we're confronting, whether it is the fiscal issue of the deficit, whether it is the sequestration issue, or whether it's the tax issue. We continue to put forward solutions. We have passed bill after bill. The Senate has been unwilling to take them up. Frankly, the President's been unwilling to meet us to sit down and try to iron out the differences.”

The President Risks Our National Security And Massive Layoffs With Continued Inaction On The Sequester. “There has just been inaction on the part of the President and the White House on this issue of sequestration. Secretary Panetta this morning was saying that the Pentagon hasn't taken any action. The President hasn't taken any action. These defense contractors are going to have no choice but to notify their employees that there are going to be massive layoffs. In a state like mine - I'm from Virginia - is very dependent on defense dollars and plays a big role in the defense of our country. This is going to mean real jobs in a state that will feel the impact of these cuts that the President seems to support.”

The White House Needs To Tell Us Where They Stand On Looming Defense Cuts. “We continue to reach out to the White House and say, look, please come and join us, Mr. President, on this issue of the defense cuts. We've got a severe defense cut facing the Pentagon that will hollow out our military, affect the ability for us to defend this country. We in the House have proposed a solution to that and said there are some other ways that we can reduce spending and save costs, but please at least tell us where you stand on this. We've not gotten an answer on that either.” 

If We Want Jobs And Growth To Return, We Can't Raise Taxes On Small Business. “The President has insisted the only way he'll go forward is to raise taxes. The impact of raising taxes falls on small business people, our job creators. If we want to see jobs and investment return, we don't want to see taxes go up on those individuals because that's who we need as an economic engine. I do think going forward, the election will really answer this question if we can't get it resolved before.”

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