Leader Cantor Talks About America's Economic Leadership On Bloomberg TV

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House Republicans Are About Finding Solutions To Grow Our Economy And Create Jobs. “If you look and see what the Fitch Rating Agency said right around the time when the fiscal cliff deal was being discussed, they said, we are going to look at what you do and if you just avoid taxes going up to the point where the President wanted, that is not good enough. What we need to see, is an approach which deals with the problem. We, as Republicans, we never believe that you ought to go ask folks to pay taxes and more taxes, if you are not going to fix the problem. We are about finding solutions. We are about trying to resolve the differences so we can get on about the growth of our economy and create jobs for the people that sent us to Washington.”

No Budget No Pay Requires The Senate To Finally Pass A Budget, Lay Out Their Plan. “I think what the American people said in the election was, they wanted to see things getting done. They want to see a government that works. The way you get to that point, to see a functioning Washington, you have to lay out your vision and your plans to do that. We know that it has been almost four years since the United States Senate has passed a budget. What we did in passing the debt ceiling extension was we said to the Senate, fine, you have three months. Lay out your plan, tell us how you will pay back the debts, and show us how you will manage the overall deficit and debt in the long run. We in the House have done that.”

The Obama Administration Has Been Silent On Fixing Our Spending Problem. “The Obama Administration, this is the problem, they have never taken seriously our commitment to fiscal soundness. They have never said, well, we do not like these cuts, but here is an alternative way to address the increasing obligations being undertaken and incurred by the federal government. We have, on two occasions, passed a bill in the House which replaces the sequester cuts with what we feel you can get more mileage out of. Because we know the entitlements situation has to be tackled. These discretionary cuts, part of the sequestration, they are just that, indiscriminate and across the board. But these are going to go into place unless the Obama Administration comes forward and says, hey, we want to work with you, we understand we have a commitment to reduce our spending, here is how we should do it. They have been silent on that.”

America Will Continue To Lead The World Economically. “We in America have to stay focused on getting our fiscal house in order and concentrating on growing our economy. It is about competitiveness. We in America, we have more ideas, we are better at innovation and bringing those ideas to market than anywhere else. We have to do some real tweaking and fixing of our regulatory system so we are not providing disincentives to global investors to come park their capital and invest it in America. We have a real issue when it comes to our tax system. We are not competitive when it comes to our corporate tax system and the incentives are not necessarily right when it comes to the taxes on those that file as individuals. So, we have a lot of work to do as far as that is concerned. I will leave here from Davos knowing full well that America can continue to lead the world economically…I remain confident and I think America can serve as a force for good in the world while increasing job opportunities at home and exporting our ideas in terms of individual empowerment, self- reliance, and more prosperity.” 

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