Leader Cantor Talks About #MakingLifeWork On FOX News Channel

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Spending Is The Problem: “We have a real problem in this country. We know we are spending much more money than we have, to the tune of a trillion plus dollars a year, and it's got to stop. It's got to stop because it doesn't help people for us to keep doing that. We're going to face a debt crisis. We're going to face higher taxes. People will have to pay higher interest on mortgages. These things are going to happen if you keep kicking the can, which is why we asked the President, please come and help us solve this problem.”

President Obama Is Not Serious About Solving The Sequester: “We have asked the President repeatedly to join us in replacing the sequester cuts with cuts that make sense. With cuts that actually go towards managing down the debt long-term. To this point, he has not taken us seriously…The sequester is here. It's up to the President to come forward with serious proposals, not something like he did today, which is another kick the can down the road. That's not responsible. The President's got to know that.”

Making Life Work For More Families: “We are really putting on display and demonstrating why our conservative policies of self alliance, faith in the individual and accountability in government, why they are good policies, good principals to help people. I talked a lot today about education and empowering parents to make choices so we can save kids who we are potentially going to lose from non-performing schools. I talked about how we have working families struggling to get through the month. How do we help them? We help them by growing the economy. We help them by giving them the tools to go about their daily life, to manage their affairs, to reduce health care costs and to remove some of the costly taxes coming from ObamaCare. There are a lot of things that we can do to help families and that's what I talked about today. Really making life work again for so many millions of Americans who need some relief.”

Fixing Our Broken Immigration System To Help Children: “What I talked about today is the fact that we have to deal with this issue. I said that the best place to start is with children. We have a history in this country of not holding children accountable for the deeds of their parents. If we have children who have been brought here, due to no fault of their own and know no other place than home, I support giving those children permanent residency and citizenship.”

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