Leader Cantor Talks About #MakingLifeWork On NBC's "Meet The Press"

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Connecting Our Conservative Principles With Helping People: “What I talked about this week at AEI was the need for us to connect our conservative principles with helping people and making their life work again. I talked about a man who is a Dad here in the inner city of the District of Columbia, who all he wanted was to find a safe place for his kids to learn. He has four kids. He discovered – after having fought with the local school system – the Opportunity Scholarship Program here in D.C. something that Speaker Boehner has been an extraordinary champion on. He realized the benefits of that. Now, all of his kids have had an opportunity to start in that school. One is at the University of the District of Columbia today.”

Families Don’t Care About Rebranding Of The Republican Party: “I talked about working parents who are hourly wage earners who are having a tough time getting through the month right now. Those are the things that we have to be concerned about. I don't think that Joseph Kelley, the Dad here in the District of Columbia, cares one iota about rebranding the Republican or the Democratic Party. I think what we care about, and what he cares about, are his kids. That's what Washington really needs to remember. These are real problems. These people are having a tough time. We ought to be about providing relief to those who don't have a job and to those who do, and making their life work again.”

We Cannot Raise Taxes Every Three Months: “First of all, the tax fight for the President means higher taxes, more revenue. We can't be raising taxes every three months in this town. The bottom line is we want tax reform, but we want to plug those loopholes that the President talks about to bring down tax rates, because we believe that's pro-growth and we can get the economy growing again. Let people who earn the money keep more of it. The President is not talking about that. What he's talking about is trying to raise more taxes for Washington to spend the money.”

Immigration Reform Should Start With Helping Children: “It's been over 10 years now where this problem has not been dealt with. We have been unable to find any common ground. What I said this week at the American Enterprise Institute was that I thought the best place to start was with children. These are children, who due to no fault of their own were brought here and we do have a tradition in our country. We are a country of immigrants. I’m a second generation American. My grandparents left the anti-Semitic pogroms of Russia to come here to realize a better life. In the same way, these children were taken, again, due to no fault of their own. It seems to me that's the best place to start.”

We Can Do Better To Responsibly Solve The Sequester: “Clearly, this is not the best way to go about trying to control spending. We have demonstrated in the House on two separate occasions – one of the bills that we put across the floor and passed, I was the sponsor of for exactly that reason. These are indiscriminate cuts. We can do a lot better. What I hope to hear from the President in the State of the Union, is that he wants to join us in trying to effect much smarter cuts in spending, so we don’t have the impact that you discussed…The President is the one who proposed the sequester in the first place. Again, I’m questioning where this is going because he's not moved in any serious way. But we remain anxiously waiting for him to come to the table to work with us to solve this problem.”

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