#YourTime Stories: Nicole & Kim

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the House will vote on, H.R. 1406, The Working Families Flexibility Act to remove an outdated and unnecessary federal restriction prohibiting the private sector from offering its employees the choice between comp time and overtime pay. This will also provide working parents with more freedom and flexibility to better balance their responsibilities at home and on the job.

Meet Nicole Lambert and Kim Mills, both are small business owners and working moms from Virginia who understand their employees want more flexibility with their time. Nicole is the owner of Rainbow Station, an early childhood education center in Glen Allen. Kim is co-owner and manager of Homemades by Suzanne in Ashland.

Nicole Lambert, Rainbow Station, Glen Allen, Virginia: “I often get asked by employees, do I have to take the overtime? Why couldn’t I have this time off next time I’m going on vacation, or why couldn’t I put some hours on the front end or some hours on the back end? It would really help me out. Or sometimes I get asked, why can’t I take these three hours that I spent working on this project tonight next week when I need to take my daughter to the doctor? I’d rather do that than take my paid time off bank. Right now, today, we don’t have that option…From a business owners perspective, and also spending a lot of my years being an employee of someone as well, I think this is a win-win for everyone.”

Kim Mills, Homemades by Suzanne, Ashland, Virginia: “I’m a working mother of two, Ashley and Austin. I have about 40 employees that I manage…We believe the Working Families Flexibility Act is important to the private sector and small businesses. It will provide employees a choice to handle their funds in the way they see needed for their individual purposes. Anytime you’re able to give an employee a choice it increases their morale and they’re more productive.”


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