Leader Cantor Discusses House Action To Create Jobs, Reduce Spending On Fox News Sunday

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The President’s Policies Are Turning Full-time Work Into Part-time Work: "For those who have found a job and gotten full-time work, I think all of us are happy for those people and we want more of that to take place. If you get into the details of the numbers, what we're seeing though, is unequivocally, the majority of the new jobs that have been created, at least last year, were part-time jobs not full-time jobs. And we've also seen the labor participation rate, the number of people who actually are still in the market for jobs, go down, which means there are an awful lot of Americans who frankly have given up. And that's really, I think, what's so critical right now is that we focus on seeing how we can fundamentally get this economy growing again so that people can find full-time jobs and we can take away the impediments of job creation, like ObamaCare and some of the red tape and regulation coming out of this town."

Government Doesn’t Create Jobs, The Private Sector Does: "First of all, Chris, government doesn't create jobs, the private sector does. And what we have going on today is a real erosion of the confidence on behalf of the American public in terms of their trust in government, and frankly, the faith in their economy. And the kinds of bills that we brought to the floor this week, you mentioned the REINS Act. That was a bill that said, you know what, stop the bureaucrats from passing these massive regulations that are impeding the ability for our businesses to grow. Let's think about the people out there that actually are out of work because they don't have the proper skills and training. Stop burdening our economy. That's what the purpose of these bills was this week. And the problem is we don't get a lot of bipartisan support. We passed a bill that said bureaucrats shouldn't be allowed to give excessive bonuses right now. People ought to know that their taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely. These are the kinds of things that can rebuild the confidence. Long-term progress in America, growth in our economy is dependent on that."

Spending Is The Problem: "Here is the problem. What we need to have happen is leadership on the part of this President and the White House, to come to the table finally and say we're going to fix the underlying problem that's driving our deficit. We know that is the entitlement programs and the unfunded liability that they are leaving on this generation and the next. What we have always said, in the House, as Republicans is that we want to fix the real problem. The real problem is entitlements. We've always said sequester is not the best way to go about spending reductions. It was, as you know, a default mechanism, because Congress couldn't do the job it was supposed to a couple of years ago. We've always said that. But, in fact, Chris, we've always said, Mr. President, come join us. But the House really is the only one who has consistently engaged in trying to address the spending problem. And this fall is going to give us a great opportunity, I think, to all come together and try and tackle the real problem, which are the entitlements.”

The House Will Take A Deliberative Approach To Fixing Our Broken Immigration System: "What I can tell you, Chris, is we've said we are not going to be bringing the Senate bill up. We don't believe that that's the right path toward an immigration reform bill. I think the House has also indicated that we're going to take a position on this. We know the system is broken. We want to fix it. And so, as you know, our committee, the Judiciary Committee in the House, headed up by Bob Goodlatte, my colleague from Virginia, has already taken action on bills having to do with temporary worker permits. We will have a vote on a series of bills at some point. And it will deal with a variety of issues. Border security is a really important issue, because it goes to that trust factor, as well. We also, as you know, I've been very active in promoting what I'm calling a kids bill. It's not been written yet but it will say that you ought not hold kids liable for illegal acts of their parents. I have said that we will be addressing the issue of immigration in the House, according to our terms, not the way the Senate did, because there's a lot of doubt being cast on whether the folks who voted for that know even what in the end was voted on, because of the scramble to get the votes in the last piece of that legislative activity. And we're going to be a lot more deliberative and smart in the House."

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