Leader Cantor Discusses Syria And ObamaCare At 92nd Street Y

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President Obama Failed To Make Case For Syria Strategy: "If you look at our national security interests, which frankly, I don’t believe this President did an adequate job of laying out before the country and building the case for why we should be involved in what some look at as just a Syrian civil war. If you look at our national interests – it is to end the Assad regime, it is to push back against the growing threat of Islamic militancy. That’s what it’s about – whether it’s on the Shi'a side or the Sunni side – so it’s to stop the growing influence of Iran and Hizballah and ensure al Qaeda does not have a safe haven in Syria, and to ensure that those weapons do not fall into the hands of the terrorist groups and proxies. And to make sure that moderation has an upper hand in the region. To tip the scales against those radicals – whether it’s Bashar al-Assad and his forces or whether it’s the al Qaeda strain of activity in that region. And I believe that this agreement leaves all of that unattended. Again, I spoke about the sense – or lack thereof –of allowing Vladimir Putin to make a mockery of American policy – and to then rely on his oversight of Bashar al-Assad and his weapons – which is clearly a client state of Moscow.”

Working Families Deserve An ObamaCare Delay: “All along, since the discussion when the law was passed, we Republicans have been warning that premiums would go up. I think it’s fair to say, that’s going to be across the board, especially for the younger population... We’ve been saying all along that this is not going to be a good thing as far as cost. We’ve also been saying that this is a real job killer because employers – where most Americans outside the government programs get their insurance – employers are going to see a real uptick in their bottom line costs. And because of the way ObamaCare is structured, what we’re seeing now is an exaggerated growth in part-time jobs and a loss of full-time jobs.... We believe now is the opportunity to tell the President – look, you’ve given the businesses some exemption from the mandates, you’ve given insurance companies exemptions from the mandates – and even though unions are upset, they’ve still gotten some exemptions. What about the working people? We ought to have a delay of this law because it’s not ready – in the words of the President it’s not ready in those instances – for prime time.”

There Is More Agreement Than Disagreement Within The Republican Party: “Remember who the Tea Party is – the Tea Party is moms, grandmoms, working men and women who really had not engaged in the political discourse before. And they gathered around this sort of moniker— 'taxed enough already,' that’s what Tea Party stands for – out of utter frustration that their voices were not being heard, and what was going on in Washington at the time – and it was the passage of ObamaCare and a lot of the regulatory things that were going on at the time, as well as things in the House – that’s what sparked that so-called movement... Throughout the country back then, people took to the town squares to have their voices heard. That’s what the framers envisioned about our country, is that the government works for the people. Unfortunately, the characterization by the media has been misportraying so many of those individuals, of those moms and dads, and grandmother’s who were part of that effort in 2009. Honestly, we’ve got more agreement than we’ve got disagreement within our party. Our party has always been one that likes to rally around the principle of limited government, of pro-growth economics, of upward mobility, which means affording equal opportunity to everyone – not guaranteeing an outcome. I think that’s really what all of those within the Republican Party would say. We are a party that stands for a country of opportunity. There are a lot of people who are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder who may not have the right tools to get up onto the first rung of that ladder, and certainly the conservative ideals that we stand for should afford those individuals a safety net if they need it, and only those who need it, as well as the skills necessary so they can begin to climb that ladder.”


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