Leader Cantor Discusses Getting Americans Back To Work & Economic Growth On CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business

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Friday, January 24, 2014
World Economic Forum

The House Is Going To Be About An America That Works: “Here in Davos, you do have an opportunity to talk to some really smart people about how we can go about not only continuing with American leadership, but how do we create jobs? I'm going to be meeting this afternoon with some health care innovators that we've been about in Congress, the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act, putting money into cures to try and bring down health care costs and save lives. We're having a lot of discussion about competitiveness, how to really increase upward mobility. When you ask what we're going to be about in Congress over the next couple of months, we're going to be about an America that works. How do we get people back to work? How do we get our energy sector going? How do we begin to start to control our health care costs and do something about our education system?” CNBC

We Won’t Accept This New Normal Of Chronic Unemployment: “What is so unnerving is some in Washington want to accept this new normal of a lack of participation in the labor force, which I think has translated even to the decline that has existed in the unemployment rate. But we all know that there are chronically unemployed who have frankly just given up. There are so many jobs that frankly are unattainable by those who are unemployed because they don't have the skills necessary to assume those jobs. Let's go back to our best asset, which are our people. The American people are the best assets. What we're trying to do is focus on getting back to work. We're having a big discussion over these entitlement programs and non-health care entitlement programs, unemployment insurance being one of them. Are we going to accept the new normal and just continue to expand these programs, or are we going to say, hey, if you're going to get a benefit, you ought to be willing to at least go out and look for work or participate in a skills training program so that you can get back to work.” CNBC

Our System Of Government Belongs To The People: “Remember what the acronym stands for: Taxed Enough Already. What happened during the upsurge of the Tea Party during the ObamaCare debate of 2009 – it brought mom’s and grandma’s and dad’s – and others who had never been involved in politics before. If you think about it, our system allows for that kind of robust debate. Anything that can involve more people and invest them in the outcome of what goes on in Washington is a good thing because in the end our government belongs to the people and not the other way around. That’s what makes us so different from so many of these countries that we are meeting with here.” Fox Business

The World Needs A Strong America: “We are going to be focused on an America that works in comparison to a new normal that we’re not going to accept. Same way internationally – I think that what we’re hearing from folks in Ukraine, for instance. I met with several parliamentarians here in Davos and they want America’s voice to be heard because frankly they are being run over by a president in place right now who seems to be looking to Vladimir Putin for help versus trying to go the freedom route that we in America know works.” Fox Business

Many Remain Distrustful Of Iran: “I will say that probably most of our meetings with foreign leaders have reflected a real desire to see a strong America, especially those in the Middle East. I met with the Prime Minister of Israel, I met with the Prime Minister of Egypt – with the Tunisians, with representatives from the Ukraine. I think clearly American leadership is so important and with a strong America actually becomes a stronger economy at home. Obviously that is what we all want. There has been a veneer pasted on Iran throughout all the buzz here. I think it is absolutely wrong – Iran has done nothing for us to trust it – it is a repeated offender of violating international law. We ought to stand firm with our allies in that region that say don’t trust these folks. Many from America that are here are very distrustful of what’s going on.” Bloomberg

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