Leader Cantor Highlights ObamaCare Security Concerns On Fox News

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House Bill Requires Obama Administration To Notify Victims Of Identity Theft Within 48 Hours: “I think people are legitimately concerned about information and identity theft. And if there is any chance that one's information and identity can be stolen or abused on the HealthCare.gov website or in any way shape or form connected with the ObamaCare exchange, then we should take the precautionary measures necessary. That is exactly what we're doing on the House of Representatives floor. This week, we are voting on a bill that would require the Obama Administration to notify any victims of identity theft within 48 hours.”

ObamaCare Can Never Be Fixed, But We Should Protect People From Its Harmful Effects: “We know this law has got a lot of issues with it, a lot of things that I believe can never be fixed. But in the meantime, while all of this is playing out we ought to protect people from the harmful effects. That is what this bill does, it is a no-brainer. We ought to require the Administration to alert those who are victimized by identity theft if it happens within 48 hours, very simple.”

Democrats Should Put Politics Aside And Help Protect People: “The imperative is to allow the individuals to take the actions necessary to minimize or mitigate any kind of damage that could occur. This is a very scary issue to a lot of people, and legitimately so. If you have your identity taken from you and abused, and you know, how much is occurring now online electronically. That is a scary thought. The government ought to be willing to just notify victims. That is all we're trying to do. And asking the Democrats to set politics aside, just this one time and let's go about helping protect people incase their identity is stolen.”

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