Leader Cantor Discusses Building An America That Works On CBS Face The Nation

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Building An America That Works For Everyone: “A lot of the discussion that we had with our members at the retreat was that we want to help solve the problems right now, when it comes to job growth and the lack of the job growth. We know that 75 percent of Americans are living from paycheck to paycheck. We've come up with some real solutions to help America work for those people too. So I believe that you're going to see us, in Congress, not only continue this discussion on immigration, but we want to try to get to the heart of the issues that are affecting most Americans…Most of the country is focusing on the question of the squeeze of the working middle class, the way the President spoke about in the State of the Union, and a lack of opportunity that so many people are experiencing now.”

Step-by-Step Approach To Fixing Our Broken Immigration System: “We've said all along we don't believe in a comprehensive fix. We want to go in a step-by-step approach to try and address the problems. Yes, there's a problem on the border in implementation of the laws. I've always said we ought to be dealing with the things that we can agree on, which are the kids. Most people say this country has never held kids liable for the misdeeds of their parents. And I think that in many instances, kids have been brought here and some, unbeknownst to themselves, brought here illegally, and yet they know no other place as home. Certainly, we ought to take care of that problem. That should come first because it just makes sense to start where we can find agreement.”

Trusting The President To Implement The Laws: “The President has got to demonstrate, frankly, the country and the Congress can trust him in implementing the laws. Look what he's done with ObamaCare. He has selectively enforced that law and some have raised constitutional questions of whether he can even do some things like that. So there's a real question of trust here and, you know, the White House continues to really thumb its nose up, if you will, at the Congress. The President in the State of the Union address did it flat out. He said when Congress doesn't work with me, I'll just go do it myself. Again, that's part of the problem in this town and why there's been such a difficult time in getting things done.”

ObamaCare Is On Borrowed Time: “First of all, the Affordable Care Act, I think most of the public has now seen what we've been talking about. This law is a disaster. In my opinion, ObamaCare is on borrowed time. Policies are being canceled, prices are going up, access to hospitals and doctors are being limited for many folks, especially those in the individual market. As we begin to see the further growth in terms of implementation of this law, you will see, I believe, more and more people negatively affected. There's going to be a real problem, a real need for an alternative. That's what we talked about this week at our retreat. I believe firmly that we will have a vote on an alternative for a health care system that works for people.”

On The Super Bowl: “All Seahawks, all the time. No question, I think outside of Seattle, Richmond, Virginia has the largest fan base for the Seahawks in any one town in the country. Not only Russell Wilson but Michael Robinson is from Richmond, he went to Varina High School. We're looking for a good game and a big win.”

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