Leader Cantor Highlights SKILLS Act At Germanna Community College

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CULPEPER, VA – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today toured Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper, Virginia and participated in a roundtable with local businesses to discuss the importance of the House-passed SKILLS Act, which has been stuck in the Senate for 344 days.

Leader Cantor said: “Virginia’s community colleges play a critical role in higher education and workforce development. The Germanna Center for Workforce & Community Education is leading the way through the SkillUpVA program which provides people with the skills required to get good jobs that need to be filled right now. By focusing on job training and skills education we can see more people get back to work. The goal of the SKILLS Act is to help community colleges like Germanna better meet the needs of local businesses in their community and drive innovation and job creation across the Commonwealth and the country.”

Dr. Jeanne Wesley, Germanna Vice President for Workforce, added: “People in our area need jobs and local businesses need employees who are trained for the hard-to-fill positions. We can help close the skills gap through affordable, short-term workforce development training. Today, students must plan on a lifetime of learning as some career fields fade away and new ones are created. Many of our workforce students are changing careers and many are taking classes to keep their skills up to date. We help prepare them for new careers not in years, but in weeks. Our community, and our nation, can’t afford to let the potential of our people go unfulfilled.”

Last March, Germanna President Dr. David Sam wrote a letter to Leader Cantor in support of principles outlined in the SKILLS Act, which streamlines 35 overlapping federal workforce programs, eliminates roadblocks to access job training, and ensures support is specific to the needs of individual workers and in-demand industries. Read the full letter HERE.

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