Leader Cantor: Democrats Are All Talk And No Action On Jobs

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“This has really been a week of irony at the White House. President Obama was quoted as lamenting the lack of focus on jobs and then Democrats spend their days promoting policies that would do little but eliminate jobs. I think the bottom line is Democrats are all talk and no action on jobs.

“To date, we in the House have sent over 200 bills to the Senate. Let me repeat: over 200 bills that remain blocked by Senate Democrats. Dozens of these bills would encourage jobs and economic growth. The fact is many of them are overwhelmingly bipartisan, and some even sponsored by Democrats. It is unfathomable to think why the Senate wouldn't want to take these up. Instead what we are seeing is more political theater over in the Senate while leaving working middle class Americans behind.

“We’re going to take up a big jobs bill this week. It is the permanent extension of the R&D Tax Credit. This has been a provision that has expired over and over again over the last 30 years. This is one of the most generative things we can do from a policy standpoint, that has been confirmed by independent economic analysis, to grow jobs and to have America work again for more people. In fact, I don’t think there is anywhere more clear that the Democrats have been more talk and no action than this.

“You see, the President himself has come out on record to be for the permanent extension of R&D Tax Credit. Now all of a sudden, the Democrats are holding this hostage because they want to raise taxes. Enough is enough. Let’s focus on what we should be focusing on which is a better economy, an America that Works for everybody. I’m hoping the Democrats will lay down the battle axes, will join us in passing this R&D Tax Credit extension.”

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