Leader Cantor Discusses IRS Scandal, America That Leads On Greta

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IRS Targeting Conservative Groups Is Unacceptable: “The facts are the IRS has clearly been targeting conservative groups for being conservative and have delayed and in some cases denied the ability to obtain tax status to go about advocating for their position. This is unacceptable and the IRS should not be used as a tool to affect political gain. We’re going to be moving to hold Lois Lerner in contempt. She’s been asked to come forward as a public servant to speak to the American people. We believe she’s now denied the right to plead the fifth, therefore we are moving this contempt resolution to make sure that justice can be served.”

IRS Abuse Goes Against The Very Trust In Our Justice System: “Attorney General Holder ought to take seriously this resolution. Look at what’s been going on within the DOJ. The person that’s been charged with the interviews of Lois Lerner, we are told through reports, has not even put Lois Lerner under oath. Perhaps one would think that falls short of trying to get to the bottom of the situation where it seems that a neutral instrument like the tax enforcement agency is being used to affect political gain. These are the kinds of things that are very concerning to most Americans. This goes against the grain of who we are, the very trust in our system of justice. This is why the House is moving to pass this resolution to ask for the appointment of a special prosecutor. I think all of us want to see trust restored in our government, trust restored in the process of tax enforcement. Hopefully, the Administration will see it is really to the detriment of our system if they do not want to be above board and even handed about what’s going on.”

The World Needs An America That Leads: “First of all, we’re about to embark upon the process of prioritizing taxpayer dollars for expenditure and one of those big priorities, as far as I’m concerned, is national security. In the region of the Asia-Pacific, the U.S. has an existential threat and that is coming from a maniacal dictator in Kim Jong-un in North Korea. We went to the region to talk to our commanders in the field, as well as our allies, that are equally worried about this threat and are staying awake at night because of it. That’s one of the missions we were on during that trip….That’s part of the message that the Chinese tried to deliver us as well, that they believe that we are the problem in the region. We obviously disagree with that strongly. The instability that Kim Jong-un is creating in that region, the fear, the reaction on the part of our allies in Japan and Korea, are reactions that we also have. We are going to be ready, God Forbid, if there is some act by this maniac in North Korea, that could be devastating.”


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