Leader Cantor: It's Time For The President To Stand Up For Our Veterans

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) made the following remarks at a press conference today on VA Accountability:

“I know there has been a lot of attention as to whether I, or any of my colleagues think Secretary Shinseki should resign. It's beyond clear that the VA has not performed up to anyone's standards under his stewardship. But we must remember, this is about more than one man, this is about millions of veterans and they deserve more accountability than one resignation.

“It is clear that the VA has ill-served our nation's veterans for some time, and that this poor treatment became even more alarming and more tragic lately. Accountability for this starts at the very top. Senior appointed leaders in the cabinets and agencies ultimately report to President Obama. It's time the President specifically addresses what he plans to do to fix this problem now.

“On Monday, I visited McGuire VA Medical Center in Richmond. There are many dedicated personnel there providing the care to veterans that is needed. But as I spoke to our brave veterans in need of treatment, it was clear that more must be done to ensure all VA hospitals across the country are performing at the highest level our nation demands.

“Whether it is one resignation, or one hundred resignations that are necessary, we cannot keep waiting for action. Last week, Senate Democrats delayed a vote on a two page bill that would help deliver accountability. Where is the urgency? The House will continue to act swiftly on behalf of the men and women who served this nation with distinction and honor. We owe them that.”





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