Leader Cantor: Mr. President, Join Us In Helping America Work Again

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"There was news out this morning about the first quarter GDP numbers. I think that announcement continues to create some doubt in the minds of the American people, not only about where this economy is heading, but it erodes again the trust that they have in their government.

"We have been here week in and week out and the House is working. We are trying to focus on getting people back to work. We are trying to focus on an America that works with solutions.

"Over 200 bills are still sitting in the Senate, many of them are bipartisan bills – some of them have Democratic lead sponsors, but yet Harry Reid and the Democratically controlled Senate refuse to take them up. This is outrageous that the Senate refuses to act; refuses to do constructive things that help get America working again.

"Congresswoman Susan Brooks just talked about the SKILLS Act. This is one bright exception. We should be able to take that bill, let’s see the Senate act, we’ll be ready to act in the House because this bill is squarely aimed at helping those that are chronically unemployed access the skills they need to fill the jobs of today and tomorrow. I plead with Harry Reid and the Democratically controlled Senate, please join us. And to the President, please join us in helping America work again."






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