Cantor: We're at a Crossroads in America
April 15, 2010
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

WASHINGTON D.C. – At a Tax Day press conference today, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) joined other GOP leaders to discuss the tax and spend agenda being pursued by President Obama and the Democrat Congress:

“Here we are, April 15th, Tax Day 2010 – a day that has always been difficult for the American family. A day that is now emblematic in its difficulty imposed and aggravated by the agenda being pursued by this Majority and this Administration.

“We all know there are some serious challenges before us as a people and as a country. In fact, I would even posit that we’re at a crossroads in America. We’ve got to decide what kind of country we want to be.

“As Leader Boehner indicated it seems that the Majority in this body has made a decision: they want to become like Europe. They want a government that is increasing its role in every aspect of our economy and our lives.

“We see it differently. We see that we ought to stop the spending and borrowing that will only bring on higher taxes and that will only make Tax Day 2011, 2012 and there on after more difficult for the American family.”

Watch the video HERE.