Leader Cantor Discusses Economic Growth and Debt Limit on CNBC and Bloomberg
May 10, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

On American Competitiveness: “We are trying to create an environment where America is competitive again. When we assumed the Majority in January, Republicans in the House said our focus is going to be trying to bring down the unemployment level, to make America more competitive, and frankly, to have an environment where you can foster long-term growth. We have to focus on small business job growth as well as large, because as we know, we are in a global economic environment that's very competitive right now. We have to look at the regulatory structure as well as tax reform to make it so people will seek America out as a place to put their capital and build value.” CNBC's "Squawk Box"

On Growing the Economy and Fostering Innovation: “We are trying to do a few things in Washington to help facilitate that growth, and the one - very obvious on the cutting side - is to get the fiscal house in order. Our growth agenda starts with real tax reform, bringing down rates, and then goes to real regulatory reform. It is to stop Washington from being an adversary as far as business growth is concerned, especially small business growth. We have seen instances where you have the EPA, the FDA, or FCC, or SEC, pick your acronym, there is a government agency out there causing small business and large difficulties in being able to compete. We also are looking at ways to try to help facilitate innovation in this country. That’s what has always allowed America to lead, we attract a tremendous amount of venture capital and, frankly, human capital to this country because we are the best at innovation and changing the world. We need to help facilitate the growth and innovation sector, if you will, and we are trying to push policies that will help promote that environment again and in terms of helping foster long-term growth. It is about building value in America and, you know, we really need to focus on that and look through the policy making from that perspective.” CNBC's "Squawk Box"

On Speaker Boehner's Speech and the Debt Limit: “The Speaker last night indicated our position on the debt limit, and that is, we want to ensure that there are real cuts in the trillions to match any increase in our nation's debt ceiling. It is that simple. We believe it is as reckless to not affect real change and as it is to not raise the debt limit. So we are trying to come together and find a way forward so that we can affect real cuts in the trillions, not just billions, as far as the nation's spending habits, to facilitate any increase in the debt ceiling.” Bloomberg's "Inside Track"

On Real Spending Cuts: “What we are trying to do this year is achieve some real results and that means real cuts. We are not interested in kicking the can down the road. We are saying that we can, and do, have the opportunity over the next couple of months prior to any vote or the debt limit expiring, to forge some agreement where we can get real cuts. Today, I’m going back to Washington to meet with the commission to talk about how we can begin to cut trillions, not just billions, and to make sure that we are signaling not only to the markets, but to the American people that we are not going to allow the spending to continue to be out of control.” CNBC's "Squawk Box"

On Preserving Medicare: “The President's prescription in ObamaCare for health care, as well as their outline of reform for Medicare, has to do with putting Washington into position to determine who gets what care - essentially government-sponsored rationing of care. We want to protect those 55 and older, but for the rest of us, 54 and younger, we want to give people notice that all the rest of us are going to be in a much different system in which we are going to be given a certain amount of money to then make our choice as to what is best in terms of the health care that we need upon retirement. Again, today's seniors, those nearing retirement, 55 and older, are safe harbored in our plan and it is a plan which we believe can bring the cost down on into the future so that the American people can rest assured that we actually have a government that understands there is a serious problem and we are going to fix it.” CNBC's "Squawk Box"