Leader Cantor on Face The Nation: Where Is The Democrat Plan?
May 29, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

On The GOP Plan For Job Creation and Economic Growth: “I hosted a small business jobs forum in my hometown of Richmond last week where I met with a number of small businesses and entrepreneurs. They weren't telling me, hey, we want something new, they don't really care about that. They care about what works. What they said was, why can't we get a Washington that helps us, not hurts us? The kinds of things they were asking for were: lower the tax rate, try and put some common sense back into the regulatory environment here in Washington, and make it so small business can invest again and create jobs. There are too many people out of work in this country. The economy is not growing enough. Our small business jobs plan is about speaking to the entrepreneurs that we know are the job engine. Just like on the spending issue, Republicans have put forward a plan. Now, we have also demonstrated that cutting is not enough. We've got to grow this economy. We have a plan, where's theirs?”

On The Republican Plan To Save And Preserve Medicare: “As far as Medicare is concerned, there's a simple choice here: either we're going to save the program or you let it go bankrupt. In fact, we put forward a plan to reform Medicare and to save it. The Congressional Budget Office, as well as the Trustees of the program itself, say it will go bankrupt within the next decade. For those 54 and younger in this country, they won't have the Medicare that exists today. It's a fact. I know Debbie Wasserman Schultz will be on after me, I'd ask her: where is their plan? They don't have a plan. We put a plan forward. It's a question of leadership here.”

On Democrat Demagoguery And Allowing Medicare To Go Bankrupt: "This is demagoguery. I think it is the typical Mediscare tactic that the Democrats are using again. I believe the country understands what leadership is. Let's look at that Medicare program. The facts are: 10,000 people a day, new eligible people a day, every single day, become eligible for entitlements. Secondly, when you look at the revenues derived from premiums and taxes they cover only a little over 50 percent of the program. That means every single day, times 10,000, you are 50 percent in the hole. You cannot survive that. That's a reality. What’s so striking, is that the Democrats have not put forward any plan whatsoever. It's bankruptcy for them. So I think that the American people are tired of promises being made and not kept."

On The Debt Limit Discussions: “Those talks, which actually we've been meeting for over three weeks now, they have been all positive. Everything is on the table. We've said, as Republicans, we're not going to go for tax increases. I think the Administration gets that. But we've also put everything on the table as far as cuts. We can accomplish well over a trillion dollars in cuts. The striking thing is, you get different people in the room of different philosophies and persuasions and what we've actually seen is that it's easier to find places to cut and to gain efficiencies than the Democrats may have thought otherwise.”

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