Congressman Cantor Highlights Plan To Boost Job Creation & Growth
June 16, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

"Yesterday, the head of the Democrat National Committee said that their party owns the economy, and she expressed some frustration questioning why businesses didn’t embrace their agenda. That shows you how out of touch they are. The reality is, most people in this country are employed by small businesses, and what small businesses see is a myriad of overregulation, of unfair taxes and of new mandates that keep coming down the pike.

"Again, where is the realization that we have to create an environment where small business people and entrepreneurs are going to take some risk? Economic growth is not a government program. It is high time this Administration realize they should join us. We put together a Plan for America’s Job Creators. Central to that notion is that we have to empower entrepreneurs, people who are willing to open new businesses, people who are willing to commit their capital to grow jobs and grow value. That is how we are going to get this recovery going again. Not through insistence here in Washington that government knows how to grow this economy."

View Congressman Cantor's Remarks HERE.