Congressman Cantor on WRVA Richmond's Morning News
June 27, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

This morning, Congressman Cantor joined Jimmy Barrett on WRVA Richmond’s Morning News with to discuss the debt talks, plus what’s ahead. Listen to the full interview HERE.

Congressman Cantor: Tax Hikes On Job Creators Are Counterintuitive. We went into these talks, usually two or three times a week and they would last 2 to 2 ½ hours every time, and we actually got some work done and arrived at a blueprint where we could see at least $2 trillion in cuts to go ahead and make sure we begin to get Washington back in terms of fiscal balance. But the problem was, last week, what we saw was a turn in the tenor of those meetings and it was clear that the other side would not accept cuts without raising taxes. Right now, the economy is priority one, and to raise taxes and expect people to create jobs is just counter intuitive. … I think that the best way to get the economy going again is to get the private sector and small businesses to grow jobs. That’s how we’re going to see more revenue come into Washington and see more middle class jobs created. … I told the Vice President, we’ve settled this issue last November. Let’s do what every American is having to do in their business and household and let’s manage down the debt and deficit so we can see our way to balance. WRVA Richmond’s Morning News