Leader Cantor Discusses House Agenda On Jobs & Regulatory Relief On FOX
August 29, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

On Addressing Our Debt And Jobs Crises: “We're dealing with two crises in this country, there is a federal debt crisis caused by decades of mismanagement from a fiscal policy standpoint and other decisions that have been made, and we have begun to address that over the last half a year. We also have a very critical jobs and growth crisis. What we're looking to do as we return to Washington next week is focus on how we stop the federal government from making it so difficult for small business people to create jobs, because after all it is the middle class that is suffering. The best antidote to economic troubles now is to make sure people have enough work. Whether you are talking about the National Labor Relations Board which has made decisions that have begun to stop companies from relocating or expanding in states where they choose to create new jobs, or whether it is the EPA which has been on a rampage making it more difficult for small businesses and manufacturers to deal with added costs so they can’t create jobs, this is the point, we want to make it easier for small businesses to grow.”

The House Republicans’ Regulatory Relief Agenda: “This list of harmful regulations comes from the small business folks across this country. The people that I represent in the Richmond area tell me all the time, it is too hard for me to grow my business, and I can hardly keep the lights on, much less begin to think about hiring people again. We have to listen to those voices. Small business people are having trouble accessing capital, they are having trouble with the added regulations coming from Washington and they are having trouble when they hear a President who wants to raise taxes at a time when we have 9 percent unemployment. That just doesn't make sense, we have to come together and unite behind the notion that we want to grow, we want to put in place policies that help small businesses grow, that help the middle class regain their confidence that America will be a place for them and their kids to work.”

The Need For Real Regulatory Reform: “There is a divide in Washington about what this country should be. We are trying to reclaim the American dream. That is what small business people and entrepreneurs are all about in America and that is why we have been so successful. We believe that people should have a right to go and earn their success. They should have equal opportunity to do so and the government cannot confer success or victory on anyone. I am hoping that we can all come together and that this President will join us and finally implement a meaningful regulatory reform program, not pay lip service to us when we say that we are serious in trying to address these difficulties.”

On Disaster Relief Money: “The people of the Commonwealth of Virginia have been through a lot over the last week. As you recall, the epicenter of the earthquake was in central Virginia, my district, with significant damage in certain areas and on the heels of that we had Hurricane Irene. This is the appropriate time and instance where there is a federal government role. Today the Governor is out surveying the damage, especially in the low-lying Hampton Roads area of the state. We will find the money if there is a need for additional money. But those monies are not unlimited and we have said we have to offset that which has already been funded. In fact the House of Representatives passed a bill already and sent it over to the Senate, in which there is over a billion dollars in disaster relief money that is paid for. We said this is a priority and we'll find other places to save so that we can fund the role the federal government needs to play. But the Senate has not acted, and hopefully the Senate will come back to Washington and pass that bill.”