Leader Cantor Discusses July Jobs Numbers & The Economy On CNBC's Squawk On The Street
August 5, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

On The Jobs Numbers: We’ve Got A Long Way To Go, We’ve Got To Focus On Innovation & Job Growth: “The jobs numbers are a slight improvement over last month, but I don't think anybody is going to sit here and jump for joy and say that we are in the clear, out of the woods, and this is a great number. We've got a long way to go. If you go out across this country, you see that people are hurting right now. You have small businesses trying to make it from month to month, you have working families and the middle class who are having difficulty paying their bills. The fact is, food prices are up and gas prices are too high. We've got to start focusing on what makes America what it is, and that is innovation and job growth. Through regulatory burdens, through tax policies, and frankly, a litigation environment, Washington has made it so unattractive to even start a business here, much less create more jobs. We've got to address that fundamental problem. I hope that will be our focus and that we can all come together, cast aside the differences and make sure that's the priority.”

We Must Remove The Regulatory Burdens So Jobs Can Be Created: “All of us want to see more jobs, all of us want to see that America can once again do what it does best, which is to innovate, create jobs and lead. Right now, if you look at the numbers, the start-up businesses in America, the ability for manufacturing to succeed here and to create jobs for the middle class is just not there. We've got to take a real look at what we can do in Washington, number one, to remove the regulatory burdens that are in the way of entrepreneurs and investors, so that jobs can be created again. And we have to look at policies that affect small business people and the middle class. We have this debt ceiling issue to continue to deal with. I would suggest that the President, who continues to say that he wants to work with us, take a look at where we are. On the day that he signed the agreement this week, after all we've been through, he began to advocate for higher taxes and more stimulus spending. Now, I would say that we've been there, done that. So if nothing else, if he doesn't agree, let's at least do something else.”

We Need to Stop Spending Money We Don’t Have, And Focus On Growing This Economy: “If we're going to spend money in Washington, we have to set priorities. If we're going to spend money, we better cut it somewhere else. That's been the whole difficulty all along in this debt ceiling debate as well. When we started this debate, the Speaker of the House said that we were going to make sure that if we were going to raise the debt ceiling, we were going to find commensurate cuts elsewhere - and the same would go for additional spending on unemployment. We need to make sure that we stop spending money that we don't have and don’t continue this kind of borrowing, and focus on growing this economy. We've got to make it easy again to do what America does best, which is to innovate and create jobs.”