Leader Cantor Stresses GOP Jobs Plan, Challenges President Obama To Stop Campaigning, Raising Taxes On FNS
October 16, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

On The Differing Policy Visions For The Country: “I guess a lot of folks on the other side of the aisle want to boil this down to personality. It is really not about that. The differences that we have with this President are policy based. We know in this town there are a lot of differences right now. And I think the people of this country want to see us try and set aside those differences and actually come together on the things we can agree on. We agree that the economy is woefully weak. We agree that there is too much income disparity in this country. We believe that everyone ought to be lifted up and we ought to be working on the policies that help that happen, which is to focus on small businesses. And that's what we are doing going forward.”

On Setting Aside Differences and Working Together To Produce Results: “The plan in total was met with a lot of resistance on both sides of the aisle when the President unveiled it in September. When the President spoke that night, I said let's work together and stop the all-or-nothing approach. We are not going to be for tax increases on small businesses, he knows that. The Senate just killed the bill this week. We have said since the beginning, when the President came to my district, I have said again and again, Mr. President, we want to work with you. We have our plan here, this is the Plan for America’s Job Creators. We have 12 bills sitting over in the Senate - things that the President believes in - let's work together and find things in his plan that we agree with and let’s go ahead and do that for the American people.”

Focusing On Areas Of Common Ground That Will Help Grow The Economy: “This week was indicative of how we can come together, we passed three big trade bills that have been over five years in the making. We have a three percent withholding bill that we are going to bring up in another week to help small businesses in the way they conduct their business. We also have bills coming forward, that the President says he supports, to help small businesses access financing and capital so they can begin to grow and create jobs. The President talks a lot about the need for unemployment insurance reform, we’ve had that in our plan since two years ago. When we were in the minority, then Leader Boehner and I went to the President and presented him with our No Cost Jobs Plan and said we can do these things. Let’s work together, let’s set aside the all-or-nothing approach that the President continues to go out across this country and campaign on.”

The Focus Should Be On Private Enterprise, Not Government: “Here we go again, this is the type of monies and these are the types of programs that the President advocated in the stimulus program. I think the country understands that Washington doesn't create jobs. We believe in private enterprise, we believe the way you get the economy growing again is to focus on the businesses every one of which started with the entrepreneur making a decision to invest their time and money to create jobs. We need that kind of activity. That is the priority right now. We saw what happened with the stimulus money, much of that went to the states and you know what happened, it sustained jobs for about a year and then the states were faced with billions of dollars in debt once that year was over with.”

On Providing Income Mobility For Small Business People To Succeed: “We oppose raising taxes on small businesses. When I spoke to a small businesswoman in my hometown of Richmond, she told me it’s hard to conduct business right now, and she asked, why are you talking about raising taxes in Washington? Because I want to be one of those successful businesspeople. Why is it that you want to take away the kind of hope that I have to be successful? Right now, there is a complaint about the folks on the top end of the income scale, that they make too much and too many people don't make enough. We need to encourage those at the top of the income scale to actually put their money to work to create more jobs so we can see a closing of the gap. We are about income mobility and that's what we should be focused on to take care of the income disparity in this country.”

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