Leader Cantor Discusses The Payroll Tax Holiday On MSNBC & Bloomberg
December 20, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

It Is Up To Harry Reid, The Bill Is Back In The Senate. “We believe there is common ground on this issue and we can provide some certainty in a full year's worth of tax relief for the working taxpayers of this country. Now it's up to Harry Reid, because the bill is back in the Senate. If Harry Reid says that he's not going to appoint conferees; that he’s not going to do his job; then he will have to answer to the American people. Look, everyone in this town says the 60 day extension of tax policy is not a good thing to do. The President says it’s inexcusable for us not to do a full year of tax relief for the working people of this country. Let's do our job. We've got a few weeks before the end of the year. Harry Reid needs to appoint conferees, so we can iron out the differences, find common ground, and go about compromising on this bill. Again, we're not saying my way or the highway. It's Harry Reid now that's saying my way or the highway and is obstructing this process." MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell Reports

We Want To Sit Down, Resolve The Differences And Get The Job Done. “I was very clear with the Senate in expressing my reservations about what Harry Reid wanted to do and said that our members feel - as do most Americans, as does the President - that 60 days is not acceptable. How can families plan on a two month basis as to what their tax liabilities are going to be, as to how to deal with any of their expenses? That's what we're saying. We expressed that view. Now it's up to Harry Reid. He was the one that provided the one opportunity for the vote in the Senate and that is an unacceptable policy. We're saying let's be reasonable. We want to sit down, and find out where we can resolve the differences and they're narrow. Let's get the job done.” MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell Reports

We Believe That Things Can Be Done, And We Can Provide This Kind Of Certainty For The Working People. “We’re saying we are willing to sit down and compromise and continue the discussion so we can get this done for the working people of the country. It is Harry Reid who is being rigid and obstructive, saying it's his way or the highway. It's Christmas time; the New Year is approaching. I think all of us can demonstrate to the people that put us here that Washington can actually deliver results. People are tired of hearing what can't be done in Washington and we believe that things can be done, and we can provide certainty for working people.” MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell Reports

Working Families Cannot Afford For Congress To Kick The Can Down The Road For Two Months. “We don’t believe that kicking the can down the road solves anything. We will be back in this situation again in February. I think we owe it to the American people to provide some certainty. How does a working family figure out how to deal with their expenses when they don’t know their tax liability from month to month? So legislating in two month increments is unacceptable. Even the President said that it’s inexcusable for Congress not to provide a year's worth of tax relief for working people. And that’s what we are trying to do. We are standing by the side of the middle class and I’m asking Harry Reid what does he have against the middle class in this country? Why doesn’t he come back, appoint conferees, and let’s iron out the narrow differences that we’ve got, because we don’t have a lot. Let’s go ahead and resolve this prior to the end of the year.” Bloomberg

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