Leader Cantor on MSNBC: We Are Here, The President Is Here, Let's Pass Yearlong Tax Relief
December 21, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

We're Here, The President Is Down The Street, Let's Get This Thing Done. “We can solve all of this and make sure the American people get what they deserve, which is some certainty and a yearlong resolution to say their taxes aren't going to go up. You think about why people are frustrated with Washington. It's because we're here, the President is down the street at the White House. He's seemingly unwilling to come and join us to say let's get this thing done. I’ve heard him say the only thing that's doable is a 60 day extension. How is that? The only reason why he can say that is because Harry Reid said he's not coming back to town. So we're here. We want to work together. We want to provide the working people and families of the middle class some certainty that their taxes aren't going to go up. We've got time before the end of the year. Let's do our work like the American people are having to do.”

President Obama Should Join Us To Extend Tax Relief For A Year. “We’re here in Washington. Speaker Boehner is here, we have members here in Washington ready to go to work. The dispute boils down to this. Do we want to extend tax breaks and relief for the working people in this country for a year, or do you want to do it for 60 days and be embroiled in this kind of dispute ongoing? I think certainly the logical position is to take the former. President Obama is still in town. I hope he's not going to go on vacation, leaving the American people in a lurch, and that he can join with us in trying to tell Harry Reid to come back to town so we can assure the American people that their taxes are not going to go up for a year. That's the only difference that is at stake right now; is it going to be a year or 60 days. It doesn't make any sense for us to do something that no one wants - no one on either side of the aisle, or either side of the Capitol.”

Republicans Are Here In Town, Ready To Go To Work, Ready To Forge A Compromise. “By saying you just want to extend the tax relief for 60 days, who can plan like that? How is it that we expect the American people to try and budget their expenses when they don't know what their tax liability is going to be and when you have folks who are in the industry - those companies that actually administer payrolls - saying that the plan that Harry Reid passed in the Senate doesn't even work. If you've got that and you have us here ready, willing to work and we're just a little way away from the White House where the President sits, why isn't he calling us in? Why doesn't he come join us here to try and make this happen? The differences are not very great. The so-called pay-fors are where the differences are. That’s the only thing we're talking about here is how do we budget for the added impact to the federal budget of a year-long tax relief for working people. Surely we can see our way clear to finding common ground and that's why we Republicans are here in town, ready to go to work, ready to forge a compromise so that the American people and the working families can have some certainty.”