Leader Cantor: We All Want To Provide Yearlong Tax Relief, Let's Get To Work
December 21, 2011
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“Good morning. As the Speaker said, we are here in Washington working today because we want to make sure that the middle class and working families of this country have some certainty that their taxes will not go up for the entirety of next year. That's the House position. And, frankly, that's the only issue with which we differ with the Senate. We're asking, as the Speaker said, for the Senate Majority Leader to appoint conferees, to come join us, to try and finish the work for the American people before the end of the year.

“People across America are scratching their heads, wondering what Washington is doing. And by the very fact that the President sits probably a mile away from here down Pennsylvania Avenue and we're sitting here, people are wondering, ‘Why can't they just get together and talk and work this out?’ And that's exactly what we're asking to do. The differences between us are not very great. All of us, as the Speaker indicated, want to make sure that people have tax relief certainty for the year. We can do this. We've got time. Let's get to work.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
House GOP Stakeout
December 21, 2011