Leader Cantor Discusses State Of The Union, The Need For Economic Growth And Small Business Job Creation On CNBC
January 25, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

Growth Comes From Small Business Start-Ups. “The American people really are looking for some results. For three years, they have seen the economic policies of this President and his Administration in play and frankly, they haven't worked. I think it's time - when you know something hasn't worked - it's time for us to start something new. That's the kind of thing that we're going to be talking about, wanting to work with the President and setting forth bold ideas about how we can grow this economy. We know that the growth we need to get people back from work comes from small business start-ups. There are policies that we've got - through tax reform and through regulatory reform – where we can actually set our goals high as far as growing this economy.”

We Can Accomplish Results If We Go For Incremental Progress. “We can actually accomplish some results if we go for incremental progress. We tried all last year to accomplish the big deal, and unfortunately, the two sides are very far apart on both entitlement reform, which we know is a necessity if you want to save the fiscal health of the country and grow, as well as tax policy.”

We Know That Small Business Job Creation Is The Name Of The Game. “We ought to be growing at 5%. We ought to set a goal at that. In the Reagan years, after having suffered a deep recession, what we saw during that period in this country was 300,000 to 400,000 new jobs created - not 150,000 new jobs created. We've got to start growing this economy again and be serious about it. You'll see a focus out of House Republicans that says, look, we know that small business job creation is the name of the game. We've got to create an environment for that to happen through getting rid of regulations that are hemming in small business, through providing some tax relief and reform that will get people investing again.”

We’ve Got To Get Back To Basics, And Promote Small Business Growth. “We believe in the grand American promise: If you work hard, you play by the rules, you ought to be able to get ahead. You ought not have Washington here saying who should get ahead and who shouldn't. That's the problem with our tax code. It's hemming in growth. When Washington begins to be the allocator of capital, when somehow the White House and its minions can decide where to place venture capital - first of all, it's not their money - we've got to get back to basics here and understand where America can grow and that's through small businesses.”