Leader Cantor Discusses The JOBS Act & Iran On CNBC, FOX & MSNBC
March 5, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

The JOBS Act Will Boost Small Business Job Growth. “I think the numbers actually contradict the assertion that entrepreneurs are really back in the game widespread right now, because over the last three years what we've seen is a 23% decline in the number of small business startups. So Mitt Romney came forward with a plan last week that talks about reducing red tape and making it easier for small businessmen and women to start up their companies, to retain and create new jobs. He also laid out a vision for a pro-growth tax plan, something that I think has eluded Washington over the last several years and that all of us know needs to happen if we want to be competitive globally. So now is the time for Mitt Romney. As people begin to look at his plan, they’ll see that this is the route we have to go in order to grow the economy. In fact, in the House this week we are going to take up the JOBS Act. This is a bill that even the President has said that he's supportive of. We have Republicans and Democrats alike dedicated to actually helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow again. We're going to follow up on that in another couple of weeks with a small business tax cut. These are the kinds of things that we can come together on.” CNBC's Squawk Box

On Making America A Free Market Economic Powerhouse Again. “What the bill does that we’re passing in the House this week is makes it easier for those entrepreneurs that you're talking about to access capital, because we know that real growth comes when these small businesses start up, begin to access capital and eventually maybe go public. As we know, the number of IPOs in this country has also gone down. We need to make sure that we are the place for IPOs. We are the place for venture capital. We are the place for entrepreneurialism. That’s what we’re doing in the House, and that's what Mitt Romney's plan is about so we can once again lead in America. When you look at the track record of this Administration, it is much more of one to say Washington is going to spend taxpayer dollars and decide who wins, who loses, who can be successful and who can't. What we are talking about is the robust free market economy. That’s what we need to get going again. That's where Mitt Romney’s plan comes in, because it says and puts the marker down that we are going to be a free market economic powerhouse again.” CNBC's Squawk Box

On The Need For American Leadership To Prevent A Nuclear Iran. “There’s a real question about resolve and where the President is. I attended the President's speech yesterday and I heard him say he doesn't accept a nuclear Iran and he rejects a policy of containment, which I think was a welcome message. But I do think after having met with several foreign leaders in the region over in the Persian Gulf and having spoken with the Israeli government, I think there's a real question about the commitment to American leadership and influence. It is the fact that actions speak louder than words. Whether you look at Syria, Egypt and what's going on with the Palestinians and the U.N., you have to question the Obama Administration's commitment to follow through on some of the rhetoric. FOX & Friends

On Bipartisan Support For Israel & U.S. Interests In The Region. “The bonds that tie our two countries is still very strong. There is bipartisan support in Washington on Capitol Hill supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. And I know that has always been the policy of this country and I’m hopeful that this President will communicate to our ally and Prime Minister Netanyahu, that we intend to continue to support Israel’s ability to secure itself as well as obviously look out for U.S. interests as they play out in the region.” FOX & Friends

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