Leader Cantor: We're Committed To Pro-Growth Economic Policies To Get People Back To Work
March 20, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“Good morning, as the Speaker said we are going to be focusing on the unveiling of our budget this week. Chairman Ryan will unveil that today. It is once again demonstrating that we are here to try to lead. We are here to try to propose fiscal solutions to the difficult economic issues facing this country. We are committed to pro-growth economic policies so we can get people back to work.

“There are stories in the news today and a lot of evidence across the country that people and small businesses are having a lot of difficulty dealing with gas prices. The President insists that he shares our desire to see an all-of-the-above energy strategy, but somehow refuses to do anything about it. Again, the evidence is his refusal to approve the Keystone Pipeline and his Administration’s dragging its feet on allowing for the exploration and production in deep sea waters off the East Coast of the United States. We intend to do something about it. We want to make it easier for small business people to operate and for families to afford to be able to go to the gas pump.

"Tomorrow, we are going to be unveiling our Small Business Tax Cut bill. This is a bill that goes directly towards making it easier for small businessmen and women to get back into the game and keep more of their money so it can be invested to retain and create more jobs.”