Leader Cantor Contrasts The Republican Vision For Growth And Election Choice On CNBC
May 23, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

Leader Cantor: House Republicans Are Working To Give Everyone A Fair Shot At Success. “The President has tried to make the argument that he wants everyone to pay their fair share and have their fair share of opportunity. I have always said that we really need people to begin to feel again they’ve got their fair shot in life. Part of that, as retail investors are worried about, is that they don't have access to the same kind of information, they don't have access to the same investment opportunities as some of the insiders or the institutions here in the money centers of the country. I think that same sense is also transferred to people's attitude towards government. Right now, too many insiders have too much of an edge. They go down to Washington and they try to seek gain through putting provisions in tax code, trying to get theirs out of the appropriations process. That’s crony capitalism. What does that say to the hardworking taxpayer out there who wants to have his or her shot at success? This election is very much about that. How do we ensure access to equal opportunity? It’s a nuanced difference, but there’s a big one between having a fair shot and having your fair share.”

The Commitment To Earned Success Is What Sets America Apart. “We are committed to earned success rather than having the government confer the outcome and guarantee it for you - which is what sets America apart, which has always set us apart, which is why we have so many aspirational people in the world who want to come here. We need to appreciate for ourselves that it is our system of free markets and those who are able to earn a profit that can give back.”

The Policies Coming From The White House Indicate A Hostility Toward Entrepreneurs, Investors. “We don't have enough people with the confidence to put their capital at risk. We don't have people willing to take a loan from a bank and undertake that risk, because they hear the hostility coming from the White House and the policies there. It comes from a real lack of appreciation of the consequences of the actions in Washington on actors in the economy...I don't think it is for the President to decide, as long as there is legal activity, which profit is good and which profit is not. If it is illegal behavior we ought to stamp it out. No question about it. If there is legal behavior, the White House nor anybody in Washington, they shouldn't be determining who should have a profit and who shouldn't. That has been the whole problem here.”

This Election Will Determine The Future Path Of This Country. “I think that if you look at the consequences of this election, you are talking about tax policy. You are talking about how to deal with the deficit and entitlements and the Pentagon and the impact of that, you’re talking about another debt ceiling discussion in Washington. The election is bearing on all of that. I do think that's true. I think in a broader sense what that will do is determine the future path of this country and whether we are going to be able to have people go about seeking opportunity in this country the way we have in the past.”