Leader Cantor: ObamaCare Taxes The American People And The House Will Repeal It
June 29, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

House Will Vote To Repeal ObamaCare On July 11th. “We’re going to continue to look towards the kind of health care that people want and that is patient-centered health care – not health care dictated by Washington, which is what ObamaCare delivers. We’re going to bring up a repeal vote on Wednesday, July 11th to make sure that we continue to focus on what the American people want. The choice is very clear. If you step back for a second, it’s all about this election on whether this law is going to go forward or not.” CBS This Morning

ObamaCare’s Mandate Is A Tax On The American People. “The President had promised in the very beginning of this discussion if people had health care they liked they could keep it. We know that's not the case. The President also said throughout the discussion, as did Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, this was not a tax, that this mandate was not a tax on individuals. Well, we now know what the Court said - it is a tax. It’s time to stop all the broken promises and let’s get back to the health care that people want. We know that families want choices for themselves. They don't want Washington coming in and telling them what kind of health care to have.” MSNBC Morning Joe

The American People Don’t Like Washington Meddling In Their Personal Health Care Decisions. “Americans do not like ObamaCare. They don’t like Washington meddling in their very personal decision of what kind of health care they are going to have. ObamaCare is going to force more government involvement in every health care decision folks make. That is why we are going to continue to try to repeal this bill as we look towards the real choice before the American people in November.” Bloomberg

We Are Working To Lower Costs And Keep Choices In The Hands Of Patients. “We're saying we've got to bring down costs so health care can be more affordable and accessible for more people. That's where this entire process went awry; when the conversation switched from trying to control costs and it went totally to coverage. Now we have a system that we're not going to be able to afford. In fact, patients will not be able to determine the kind of health care they want anymore. Moms won't be able to determine the kind of pediatricians they want to have. The people I represent down in Richmond may not be able to choose the kind of specialists that they want to take their parents to. That's what will happen.” MSNBC Morning Joe

House Republicans Are Working To Stop Tax Hikes. “What we are going to do in the House is make sure that we put a bill across the floor that keeps taxes from going up. It’s about stopping the tax hike in this very difficult economy. We will call for the extension of existing rates for a year so we can affect real tax reform, which is bringing down rates for everybody, for corporations, for small businesses and individuals, broadening the base and bringing down rates so we can grow this economy. All of us know we have a very difficult situation in this country because we don’t have the confidence to get back in and start growing. We have to focus on the competitiveness of America and that is where our agenda is focused. That is why we want to keep tax rates where they are and stop them from going up.” Bloomberg


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