Leader Cantor: The President's Actions Don't Match His Words
July 24, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“Good morning. As the Speaker said, we remain committed to trying to solve the problem that plagues most Americans in communities around the country and that is trying to get the economy back on track. The President’s out there talking about being there for small business, trying to respond to the economy, but his actions don’t necessarily meet his words. We’ve seen the Obama Administration impose 400 regulations that cost this economy $100 million or more a year. In addition to that, the SBA says small businesses are plagued by regulations that cost them $10,000 per employee.

“If we want to do something about jobs, we need to go right to our job creators and try to help them create more opportunities for more people. That’s what we’re doing this week. We’re removing the red tape and we’re acting to try to make it easier for entrepreneurs to invest and create jobs.

“Next week, we will do the same but point towards the tax issue. The uncertainty looming on these tax hikes needs to be erased, and that’s why we’re passing a bill next week to stop the tax hikes. Again, we call upon this President and Harry Reid to join us in helping small businesses. Instead, what we’re seeing in the Senate is a vote on a small business tax hike. That is the opposite of what Americans want. We’ll continue to try and deliver on the promise to get this economy back on track.”