Leader Cantor: The President's Push For Tax Hikes Is Unfathomable
July 18, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

 “It is about jobs and the economy in this election but you’d never know that by looking at the actions of this President and his Administration. We have looming before us the implementation of the sequester, which not only will affect in real ways the ability to defend our country, but it will affect so many people in terms of their jobs in their communities across this country. And yet, this Administration has failed to respond to our repeated requests to come to the table to see if we can resolve this so that the sequester doesn’t hit, but we can achieve the necessary cuts to the deficit.


“Again, as the Speaker said, it is almost unfathomable to imagine how it is that the President could be advocating for increased taxes when this economy and the small businesses are suffering so much. We have the latest in terms of the Senate action. The Senate Democrats are now claiming they’re going to go and push this economy off the cliff, just so they can say that we’re going to raise taxes. We in the House are of a different mindset.

“Now, my governor is coming up here today. Virginia is one of the top states in terms of the impact of the sequester. We are estimated to be losing over a hundred thousand jobs by the end of 2014. I look forward to working with our governor, Governor McDonnell, hearing about the impact of the sequester in Virginia, and taking that message to our Democratic senators and to this President to see if they will finally join us in acting.

“Here in the House, we are going to continue our focus on small business job creation, not only this week bringing forward the Sequestration Transparency Act that Chairman Ryan will talk about, but also next week going forward with the red tape reduction week, making sure that we impose a moratorium on regulations until this economy snaps back. Then, in the final week prior to the August district work period, we’re going to be focusing on making sure that taxes don’t go up on anybody and to ensure that we have a plan for tax reform so that we can make it easier for small business people and entrepreneurs to grow jobs.”


Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
House GOP Stakeout
July 18, 2012