Leader Cantor: We Are Focused On Cutting Red Tape So The Economy Can Bounce Back
July 24, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“Good afternoon, we are here today because we are continuing to focus on the issue that has continued to provide an impediment for job growth in our economy and that is the overregulation and the environment which it has brought on in America. We hear over and over again that it is just too difficult to start up a business. We know that over the last three years, there’s been a 23% decline in new business start ups in America. We also are all going home and hearing from constituents who say it’s very difficult to grow a business, much less just keep the lights on, because of the increased burden at all levels of government on small business.

“As a conference, we are very much on the side of the small business owner. We believe it was they who did build their businesses. In that vein, we are trying to cut the red tape, we are trying to reduce the regulatory burden so we can see the economy bounce back. Now I’m going to introduce to you some of the freshmen members who have taken the lead on this, and are dedicated to doing all we can to grow this economy through the job engines, our small businesses. I’d like to call on the bill’s chief sponsor, and that bill is the moratorium on any future regulation until the economy bounces back, from Little Rock, Arkansas, Tim Griffin.”