Leader Cantor: The Choice Is Clear, Growth Or More Taxes
August 1, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“This week it is clear that there is a big difference between the two parties as far as this election is concerned. This election is about jobs and the economy. This week we will demonstrate again we support a pro-growth agenda to create jobs for small businesses and beyond. The other side is going to demonstrate that it supports higher taxes. The choice is clear: you either want growth or you want more taxes. You either want to endow the folks who earn the money with the right to keep that money and grow this economy, or you want to tax those people more and let Washington decide how it’s going to allocate that money. It's very clear this week in terms of where we all come down on this issue.

“Let us not forget, as the time continues to tick, we are approaching the day in which the sequestration mechanism will go into place. It is a very serious issue for the national security of this country that has been underscored by the Pentagon. It is continuing to rattle the defense industry in this country. It is also a very important jobs issue for many districts around the country.

“Here again we in the House have led. We have put our solution on the table on how to avoid sequestration and do it in a responsible manner. We are still waiting, as the Speaker suggests, for Harry Reid and the Senate to act and the President to even say a word. We ask both the President and Harry Reid to come forward with a solution so we can avoid what we believe is a real threat to our national security.”