Leader Cantor Discusses House Solutions On Jobs, Global Leadership and Preventing The Sequester On FOX News
September 20, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

The House Preserved Welfare Work Requirements To Get People Back To Work. “We have a bill that we will vote on today that is a bill to overturn the Administration's move to lift the waiver requirement for work. We do not want to take away the safety net from people in need. We don't. We want to make sure that less people need the safety net. The way you do it is you help them get back to work. You help them access training programs. We want life to work for people, we don’t want to rob them of what they need. We want them to need the safety net less and get back in a productive mode so they can begin to determine their own destiny.”

The President’s Record Shows He Supports Waiving Welfare Work Requirements. “If you look at what the President has been about since he has been in office, it has been about waiving the work requirement when it has to do with the food stamp program. With all the rancor, I asked the Congressional Research Service, a nonpartisan arm of the Congress to take a look at the history of the food stamp program under the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration asked for the waiver of the work requirement in the stimulus bill. What we have seen is that the President continually has supported waiving the work requirement. The impact of that on the food stamp program is that we have seen a doubling of the population that would otherwise be required to work under the food stamp program. No question in a tougher economy you will see the rolls swell but that population only swelled about 40 percent. We are talking about able bodied individuals without dependents who otherwise would otherwise be subjected to the work requirement, that population itself more than doubled, it was over 100 percent increase.”

The House Has Taken Action To Prevent The Defense Cuts In The Sequester, The President Has Failed to Act. “In Virginia, the issue is about jobs and it’s about helping people get back to work. We have a huge issue in the Commonwealth about the defense cuts. We are a defense rich state. This President has failed to put a solution on the table that would help avoid these defense cuts. The House has taken action to say we don’t want these defense cuts, we want to act in a fiscally responsible way and make sure that we are beginning to slim down federal spending, but don’t do so in a way which disproportionally impacts our defense-related jobs.”

The U.S. Needs To Be A Strong Leader In The Middle East. “We have reached the point of being the world’s only superpower. If we want to continue to operate in a secure way, securing our citizens at home, our interests abroad, making sure our businesses stay competitive abroad, we have to project our leadership. There are so many of our allies, especially in that region, first and foremost Israel that faces an existential threat. There are other allies of ours in the Gulf Region, the Arab states, that are looking to the United States for leadership. They are not seeing it.”

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