Leader Cantor Remarks On The Spending Reduction Act
December 20, 2012
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“I rise today to urge support for the measures before us to replace the sequester and reduce the deficit, and to extend permanent tax relief for the middle class and hundreds of thousands of small business people. For the past weeks and months, as people have been looking for jobs and budgeting for their expenses; we have been working to keep taxes from going up and offering common sense spending reforms. The Spending Reduction Act at issue today reduces our deficit and protects our national security by replacing indiscriminate cuts that are neither strategic nor balanced.”

“We all agree our current spending path is unsustainable and poses a real threat to the economy, to job creation, and to our ability to remain competitive in the global economy. We must address the underlying issue that faces this country, which is the mounting deficit and load of debt that we are going to leave to this generation and the next. But the President has been unwilling to consider serious spending cuts, or offer a serious and balanced plan to avoid the fiscal cliff."

"The risks of unchecked spending are grave. The consequences of our debt crisis will be felt by every student looking for a job that matches their skills after graduation, by every retiree counting on Social Security and Medicare, and by every small business owner looking to expand and hire.”

“It is really unfortunate that we find ourselves in this place just 11 days from the New Year. For months, we have been ready and willing to work with the President to prevent the fiscal cliff from impacting small businesses and hardworking families. The math shows that the President’s push to hike taxes won’t reduce the deficit; and left unchecked, his government spending will bankrupt our future.”


Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)
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