Leader Cantor on Senate Passage of No Budget, No Pay
January 31, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) released the following statement on Senate passage of H.R. 325, The No Budget, No Pay Act:

“The first step to fixing our nation’s fiscal crisis is to pass a budget that responsibly reduces spending. House Republicans remain focused on balancing the budget, freeing future generations from mountains of debt and creating better economic conditions for job creation.

“After four years of inaction, it’s encouraging to see the Senate start to do its job. Although it’s unfortunate it took putting their paychecks on the line for Senate Democrats to actually get to work. Now that they have to propose a budget, they ought to do it right. Instead of calling for more government spending and higher taxes on hardworking Americans, I look forward to the Senate finally producing a budget that will address the major drivers of our debt and start to fix the problem.”

“Further, President Obama has indicated he will miss the deadline to submit his budget for the fourth time in five years. That is unacceptable. That’s why next week, the House will also consider the Require a PLAN Act, to require the President to put forward his plan to eliminate the deficit and achieve a balanced budget.”