VIDEO: Leader Cantor: We Don't Agree With The President's False Choice
February 25, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“We heard the President say last week that he was going to be forced, because of sequestration, to let criminals loose on the street if he didn't get another tax hike. Today, we’re hearing discussions from the Secretary of Homeland Security that somehow we're going to have to sacrifice homeland security efforts and keeping our country safe if we don't get another tax hike. This is a false choice, and the President has been engaging in this rhetoric of a false choice for weeks now.

“We in the House have acted. There's a smarter and better way to go about trying to achieve the reductions in spending so we can get it under control. In the House, we even included measures that the President proposed in his own budget. Yet the President won't support even his own measures unless there's a tax increase. So the President really ought to stop campaigning and come back to the table and work with us.

“We care about what happens to the economy and the people who sent us here. We have proffered alternatives and solutions. We don't adhere or agree with this false choice the President has put forward. The President is off campaigning in my state in Newport News, Virginia. Yes, we're very concerned about the impact on the Commonwealth as we are on all states. There's a way to effect the right changes and reforms so we can avoid that and we must set aside this false choice the President is proffering.”