Leader Cantor Previews CPAC Speech & House SKILLS Act Vote Today
March 15, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

Previewing Today's CPAC Speech: “We’re really excited to be going to CPAC because we are going to be talking about a message of opportunity. The Republican Party and the conservative movement has always been about individual empowerment about saying it really does come to freedom and it comes to a limited government and empowering the individuals to reach for the future. I will be talking about education reform. I just visited New Orleans last week and saw what Governor Bobby Jindal is doing there, a tremendous thing for so many young people, so many kids, so many working moms and dads, who all they want is a safe place for their kids to learn and they want to see a future for their families. So we're going to be talking about those kinds of things and really the challenges ahead as we focus on working families in this country and helping them make their life work again.” FNC'S "Fox & Friends"

Cutting Red Tape And Getting People Back To Work: “We have a vote on the floor today, it’s the SKILLS Act. What it is, frankly, is good government. We have 50 different federal government programs aimed at workforce training. We don't need that many programs. What we need to do is focus on helping people who are out of work, getting them trained so they can get back into the workforce. So what this does is gets rid of the bureaucracy, cuts the red tape, and says to working people, we want to help you.” FNC’s “Fox & Friends”

Working Together With The President: “We hope there will be a new day in Washington where folks will work together. The President has been on Capitol Hill over the last several days. I hope he is sincere in wanting to do that. We should all be working in that direction for the good of the American people, because right now it is too hard for too many working families and we should focus on making their lives work again.” Bloomberg’s “In The Loop”

Balancing The Budget And Growing The Economy: “We don't believe you go and put more taxes on the American people to solve this problem. You want to bring the budget into balance. You want to grow the economy. That means you have to deal with the reforms and the spending reductions necessary to achieve that balance…I do support Paul Ryan's budget. It is a comprehensive plan to address the growing unfunded liabilities of the entitlement programs at the federal level so that we can save the safety net for those who need it. And so we can bring the budget into balance and grow the economy. CNN’s “The Situation Room”