Leader Cantor Talks ObamaCare, Immigration, Jobs On FOX & Bloomberg
March 28, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

ObamaCare Promises Not Being Kept. “I think it is disappointing for so many Americans, because when they were promised their health care costs would go down, their access would increase, and oh by the way, if you liked the health care you have you could keep it, these were all the promises made. What we are beginning to see is those promises are not being kept. Unfortunately, this is going to have real impact to so many people, millions of people. As you rightly point out, the predictions are now that health care claims costs are going to rise significantly under ObamaCare when it is fully implemented next year. That is the biggest driver of premium costs and you may see folks with double digit increases in their premium. I've seen some estimates which say that individuals, and then folks in small group plans, could actually see premium costs double. Now, while you're having a tough economy, if you're in a family that is having difficulty making it through the month, that is not a good thing to look forward to.” FOX's "America's Newsroom"

We Have An Opportunity To Come Together On Immigration. “There is a lot of interest in trying to see if we can live up to two traditions in this country. One has to do with our being a country of immigrants. My grandparents came here from eastern Europe at the turn of the last century. If they weren't allowed to do that and hadn't made that decision, I wouldn't be sitting here with you. So many others in this country can tell that story. We've got that tradition that has made America a strong, vibrant place to live and grow and raise their family. And we have the other, which is upholding the law. As the President said yesterday, and others, we have to make sure that border security is being implemented and that the law does start at our borders. Weighing these two things, I think that we can come to some agreement…We've got an opportunity to come together on one point, and that is the kids. If a kid was brought here by his parents or her parents unbeknownst to them and know no other place than America as home, why wouldn't we want to give them a path to citizenship? I think we should.” FOX's "America's Newsroom"

Republicans Have Always Been About Opportunity And Growth. “The history of our party has been one of opportunity and growth. You are here talking a lot about creating the conditions for more growth and things that need to take place in Washington. If you look at immigration, it was the Republican House that put a bill across the floor last fall to increase the number of individuals from foreign countries that are here studying in our Master's and PhD programs and allowing them to have that green card. As we know, the situation for STEM graduates is so difficult for them to stay here, that often times they leave and take their venture-capital with them. We do not want that. It was Republicans who brought that forward. Unfortunately, we did not have much bipartisan support back then. We hope this year will be different, because it is about opportunity and creating the conditions for everybody, even those students who are sitting in failing schools. We want to help them get the tools so they can get up on the ladder of opportunity.” Bloomberg's "In The Loop"

House Passed SKILLS Act Will Streamline Job Training Programs. “The impetus for the bill came from the General Accountability Office and its recommendations for how to go about slimming down the government and getting rid of waste. We have almost 50 federal workforce training programs right now. They are implemented by several different agencies and departments. It is a bureaucratic mess. We want to give the unemployed an opportunity to have the work skills they need to access new positions in new industries of the future. We know that there are four- to five-hundred thousand openings in the health care sector alone right now because there are individuals without the skills to fill those jobs. Same thing with the natural-gas industry, a lot of open positions right now. So each region of the country may have different workforce needs. What we want to do is allow employers and those community colleges and other training centers the opportunity to craft the proper training programs to allow for access to fill the jobs.” Bloomberg's "In The Loop"

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