Leader Cantor: The Boston Marathon Is A Symbol Of What Is Great About America
April 16, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“On a day meant to celebrate patriots' freedom and personal strength, we witnessed terror and tragedy. My prayers remain with the victims and everyone in Boston. I'm grateful for the first responders, medical professionals and fellow citizens who responded so heroically. 

“We don't know yet who is responsible for this terrorist attack. The United States government must and will use all tools at its disposal to track down the perpetrators and hold them accountable. This vicious act of terror cannot stand, and we must remain committed to the task of combating the scourge of terrorism no matter where it raises its ugly head.

“The Boston Marathon is a symbol of so much of what is great about America. It honors personal fortitude and perseverance. Let it continue to be a symbol of fortitude and perseverance for Boston and for our entire nation.”