Leader Cantor Addresses IRS Scandal On FOX News Channel
May 23, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

Ms. Lerner Owes The American People An Explanation: “It’s President Obama's IRS and we're continuing to try and get to the bottom of the situation here. I know that when Ms. Lerner came up to Capitol Hill she pled the fifth. I strongly believe if she works for the American people, she owes the American people an explanation, and if she can't give that explanation she shouldn't be working for the American people.”

IRS Actions Are Egregious Abuse Of Power: “If you look to the totality of the situation here, most Americans understand that elections are about electing Presidents and political parties which will promote their policies while in government. However, when it comes to the point where parties and individuals are using neutral instruments, such as the tax enforcement authority, or the IRS, to go and discriminate against political opponents that is totally unacceptable, and it's an egregious abuse of power.”

It’s Time For The President To Step Up: “If there is a pattern of abuse that begins to develop, I think the President will have to come forward. We're asking the President to come forward to explain what he knew, when he knew it. The problem is you have the President saying he was not engaged, nor did he know anything that was going on. He wasn't focused with the IRS, he wasn’t focused on Benghazi, he’s not focused on DOJ. And now I know there's a recent report that demonstrates the EPA has been granting waivers to FOIA fees to groups from the left, but instead imposing those fees on others. If this is true, and the President continues to maintain that he is just not engaged, not focused, how can we do our job? We need to be focused on regaining the trust in government while we keep rebuilding the faith in our economy, and I think it's really time the President to step up and lead on all of this.”

House Moves Bipartisan Bill To Approve Keystone Pipeline: “We want the Keystone pipeline built. In the House yesterday, we passed in a bipartisan fashion a bill that says, let's start. Let's stop the block on the Keystone pipeline. This is about growing the economy. America has the most sophisticated technology in terms of extraction of our fossil fuels than anywhere else in the world. We can be more environmentally sensitive. We have a built-in competitive advantage with our at-home resources we ought to be maximizing that production…It lowers costs for families, it lowers costs for businesses and can grow our economy and create jobs which should be our focus.”