Leader Cantor Talks About IRS Scandal & Education Policy On Fox News Channel
May 29, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

IRS Situation Is Very Troubling: “The situation with the IRS is very, very troubling. I don't care what party you are affiliated with, in America, you don't expect that an incumbent President and his Administration would use a neutral instrument like the tax enforcement agency, the IRS, to go about discriminating against political opponents. So it's a serious matter. Here in Richmond we had a tea party group that was targeted. I’ve been in touch with them since the minute they realized that was the case. We have to get to the bottom of this.”

Following The Facts To Get Answers For The American People: “Again, I think the question is one that is appropriate. When did the President know, and what kind of communications came from the IRS to the White House or vice versa with all of this. We don't even have the beginning of the answers to those questions and that's what our committees are tasked with doing and doing a very good job of being very fact-based, very methodical about going forward and getting the answers for the people of this country.”

Making Sure Every Child Has The Chance To Succeed: “I am very concerned and have made it a real passion of mine as a parent to make sure that we can address that every child in this country is given a chance to succeed and that starts with education. We were going to be at Patrick Henry Charter School here in Richmond today, and unfortunately a fire took place at the school. Hopefully, we will do that visit next week. But it is just one of the many school visits that I have done not only here in Virginia, but throughout the country, to try and understand what we can do to help parents and their kids.”

Building Blocks of Success Start With Education: “We have to, as a country, realize that the building block of success – the ability for people to go out and earn that success and seize opportunity – starts with education, and I’m hoping that over the next year and a half in Congress we can effect some of these reform ideas so that we can actually help people get about their life so we can continue to see growth in our country and our economy.”

Parents Know What’s Best For Their Children: “We are faced with a school system that's not meeting the needs of so many kids and their families today. All of us would like to fix the entire system, but I think you do that by helping one child at a time. The parents that I meet want more than anything control over the choice of where their child is best put in terms of a classroom. One of the other areas is special needs. All of us know parents with special needs children, whether it's autism or any other condition that children may have. We've got to help them. If their needs are not being addressed by our local school system, we should put in place reforms that allow dollars to follow the kids so that parents can be empowered and the ones that know best are those parents so that child will have a quality education.”