Leader Cantor Addresses Economy, IRS & Transparency
June 4, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore

“After returning home from a work period, I know that traveling in several Members’ districts and throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, you hear a lot about the desire for the taxpayers and citizens of this country for Congress, for Washington and the White House to be focused on jobs and the economy. We in the Republican Conference remain committed to emphasizing working families and empowering them through our policies that can grow this economy so they can see a brighter future.

“At the same time, House Republicans remain committed to uphold and fulfill our obligation to conduct oversight of this Administration in light of the abuse of trust reflected in the actions of the IRS and elsewhere throughout the Administration. We will continue to do so in a deliberative and thoughtful manner, allowing the facts to speak for themselves.

“Also today, we are announcing Cosponsor.Gov. This is a program and website designed to engender a national conversation online about legislation that we are considering here in Congress. It is yet another example of our trying to live up to the commitment of transparency and the fact that this is a government that belongs to the people and they ought to know what’s going on. What this website and program will allow are folks throughout the country to go to Cosponsor.Gov and sign up to be a cosponsor of any bill that’s submitted here in Washington by a Member of Congress, Republican or Democrat. Hopefully, what we will see is a lot of activity and people getting behind the proposals and legislation that they support. Then they will be able to track that legislation through the legislative process. Again, involving the people that we represent in their government here in Washington.”