Leader Cantor Discusses The Imperial Presidency, Permanent Delay Of ObamaCare, And Immigration On Hannity
July 10, 2013
Contact: Doug Heye, Megan Whittemore


IMPERIAL PRESIDENCY AND SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW: “The President's decision last week right before the Fourth of July was extraordinary on many counts, and I think the first as you say, Sean, it's extraordinary because it's a continuation in what we have begun to call the Imperial Presidency. It is the selective enforcement of the law. There is a real question as to where the authority comes from – how is it that he brings himself to decide to enforce one provision and not the other. As you rightfully suggested, this is a real concern of trust on the part of this President. How can the American people trust the White House to enforce the laws that Congress passes when they see things like this going on?”

WE NEED A PERMANENT DELAY OF OBAMACARE: “Well, we've been saying as you have, Sean, and I want to thank you for your leadership on this, that ObamaCare not only is it not ready for prime time now, it's never going to be ready for prime time. We shouldn't be just delaying it now. We need a permanent delay. The White House has had to admit this employer mandate just doesn't work, nor do other parts of the law.”

THE PRESIDENT HAS LEFT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OUT IN THE COLD: “The other extraordinary piece of this is that here we have the White House and this President coming down on the side of big business. But what about the rest of us? What about the rest of the American people? Left out in the cold, left to be hanging with these mandates, to apply to individuals. Again, not a fair and just outcome. I hope that we can take it to this White House and act on this in Congress to say everyone should be treated the same. It is time to remove the mandate for everyone, not just the employers.”

WE MUST ADDRESS OUR BROKEN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM: “I think a much more deliberative approach is called for, that we have to go about trying to address a real distrust on the part of the American people. Again, go back to the discussion we just had on ObamaCare, if the President can selectively enforce a provision under ObamaCare, what's to say that he can't selectively enforce or not enforce the provision on border security and the immigration package. We need to go and make sure that there are definite matrixes if you will of accountability. How we can ensure that the border is secure, and that the law is being enforced. Because at the end of the day, when you look at it, how many other countries really are there where people are knocking down the doors to get in? We are for a reason, and that's because we're a country of laws, and it ought to be applied evenly and fairly to all.”